Are you eco-friendly today?

Are you eco-friendly today?

Energy is like the blood that promotes social development and the lifeblood of every country. Recently, under the influence of the contradiction between international energy supply and demand and the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the energy crisis has intensified, coupled with the promotion of carbon neutrality by countries around the world, the energy revolution is unstoppable, and environmental protection has become a hot topic.



Most of the energy storage power supply products launched by TOGOWILD use ECO panels and lithium batteries, which can effectively save power and energy. You can also use solar panels to charge our power source. It is one of the best choice for environmental protection. Also, we have environmentally-themed shopping deals for Earth Day that we will be offering a 20% discount code. The event is from May to July.

Event:May-July 20% off discount code for all items:Togowild

Event:20% off discount code for all items:Togowild

Environmental protection brings us nature, cleanliness, and comfort. It allows us to feel the breeze when riding along the west Pacific coast. Birds can also inhabit and feed on Fisherman's Wharf, and live in harmony with humans. The upcoming Earth Day, is a festival specially set up for the world's environmental protection. It aims to raise the public's awareness of existing environmental problems, mobilize the public to participate in the environmental protection movement, and improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life. On such a day, we can go outdoors with our family, listen to the sound of the spring, watch the mountain flowers, breathe the fresh air, and feel the sunshine and grass in April. Or you can take part in a local environmental campaign and spend a green day.


Hope this event will help you in your eco-friendly life! Looking forward to your participation!

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